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Diego Lozano Japan Greetings and Thank you Note

Diego Lozano
Greetings and thank you note for the support of the first store opening in Japan

During Diego Lozano’s opening of the first Valentine’s store in Matsuya Ginza, we received responses beyond expectation which gave us a special feeling. We are grateful for such wonderful support from all of you. We would like to thank Matsuya Ginza for giving this opportunity.

Based on the readers’ vote of the lifestyle WEB magazine “OTEKOMACHI” of the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper, “BELEM” was chosen as the most popular “best recommended chocolate” in Matsuya Ginza.



Our SNS activity for the “Music meets Sweets” collaboration with singer TABARU for the official song “Beautiful World” of “White • Sacas” skating rink in Tokyo • Akasaka was also a great success. We were impressed with the incredible SNS strength of Diego Lozano brand as the song video exceeded 300,000 views in just one month.



Amazon nuts & fruits such as Brazilian nuts, sacha inchi, cupuacu, caja, etc. have gained popularity thanks to the first full-fledged product introduction in Japan. In particular, the “AMAZONA” series which featured 3 types of Amazon nuts covered with bitter, tasty, high-grade chocolate quickly gained popularity and were sold out in 10 days.



Thanks for the tremendous support from all the Brazilians who had taken a long trip all the way to Tokyo every day during the fair. It has been 110 years since the first Japanese immigrants settled in Brazil, which means three to four generations have been born within these 110 years. We strongly hope to bridge the friendship between Japan and Brazil as an appreciation of the hardship and success of their family in Japan as they returned to the home country of their ancestors.


Thank you also for participating in our Instagram entries “Chocolate Contest 2019” as part of the Valentine 2019 celebration. Congratulations to Aline Okumura Shiroiwa who won the first prize by getting 10,000 “Like” in just one month. Next year we plan to hold a larger scale contest in Japan and Brazil simultaneously.



Furthermore, we could not perform Diego Lozano’s activities in Japan without the heartwarming support of the Brazilian Embassy. Words cannot express how much we appreciate your kindness. Thank you very much.

We appreciate your continuous support and look forward to your participation in our future activities.

Diego Lozano Japan Team