2018.09.20 EN RECIPE

Pigeon grated with turnips, Schweppes water and foie gras

Ingredients for 10 people


Pigeon (550-600 g)          5 pcs
Foie gras                         200 g
Calf thymus               as needed
Ground almonds        as needed
Dried flowers             as needed


Soy marinade:

Soy sauce(heints)    1800 ml
Cider apple vinegar    750 ml
Red wine vinegar       750 ml
Liquid shio koji           250 ml

Schweppes water:

Schweppes             1000 ml
Agar-agar                    10 g

Mix agar-agar with Schweppes, warm in a pan then pour into a container.


Chicken Forcemeat:

Chicken liver                  300 g
Armagnac                      20 ml
Terrine of foie gras           60 g
Garlic, Thyme         As needed
Black bread             As needed

  1. Grill chicken liver with garlic and thyme, then flambe with armagnac.
  2. Chop the grilled chicken liver and foie gras terrine coarsely and mix.
  3. Slice the black bread.
  4. Put the forcemeat on bread and toast in a salamander.

Foie gras puree:

Foie gras    275 g
Bouillon      75 ml
Cream        50 ml

Mix the foie gras with the bouillon and cream and blend.

Turnip ribbons:

Turnips                     3 pcs
Purple flower     as needed
Cressonnette     as needed
Schweppes             500 ml
Xanthan                        2 g

  1. Slice the turnip thinly and then sous-vide with Schweppes and xanthan.
  2. Put flowers and cressonnette inbetween 2 turnip ribbons
  3. Make turnip ribbons into tagliatelle shape then add Schweppes and xanthan mixture.

To finish:

  1. Grill the pigeon thoroughly until well browned, basting with the soy marinade.
  2. Sprinkle ground almonds and crispy calf thymus on the pigeon.
  3. Serve the pigeon accompanied with turnip ribbons and forcemeat toasts.