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Yahoo! News | Diego Lozano

Yahoo News, which is famously known for having 1,500,000,000 page views per month, and is also the biggest news source in Japan, reports that Brazilian food will become the new trend this year. In this article, Chef Diego Lozano was then introduced.

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Focusing on Brazil’s Patisser and Sweets:

Because of the article <It’s Not Just Football. The Most Famous Charismatic Patissier in SNS Brings Brazilian Sweets To Japan For The First Time>, the Brazilian breakfast that the Imperial Hotel Tokyo began offering, has become popular and so Brazilian ingredients and sweets are gaining popularity as a trend in 2019. Among them attention has been drawn to Chef Diego Lozano, a charismatic pastry chef from Brazil.

Chef Diego will commence full-scale activity in Japan soon, and from January 30th until February 14th, he plans to sell his original Valentine’s treats, along with some items fused with Western-style confectionery, in Matsuya Ginza. Chef Diego will come all the way from Brazil and enjoy the Japanese Valentine spirit, meeting and greeting fans in the booth.

Brazilian ingredients such as Cupuacu, a fruit known as the God of fruits and which is freshly harvested from the forests of Amazon, the super-fruit Acai, the uniquely-flavoured Brazilian nuts and the Brazilian distilled liquor called Cachasa, are used and fused with Western confectioneries.

Chef Diego is also very interested in Japanese sweets, and learned techniques from Chef Tomokazu Suga from Aoyakiseikei. Chef Suga and his fellow wagashi professionals plan to visit Brazil in 2019 and expect to bring back techniques concerning wagashi fused with the Brazilian food culture.

Lozano also collaborated with Japanese singer TABARU, who sang TBS White Sacas’ theme song called “Beautiful World” and worked on desserts created in the image of music at the “Music Meets Sweets” event last year. The video received a big response and had more than 300,000 views in only one month.

“Beautiful World” was composed by Carlos K, whose father is a Japanese Brazilian. The songwriter is also known for composing songs sung by some of the most famous singers in Japan. Chef Diego, who is excited to become an active participant in Japan, was deeply pleased with having a collaboration with composer Carlos K.

Additionally, Mr. Mauricio de Souza, the most famous manga artist in Brazil, is helping Brazilians who live in Japan and plans to produce cartoons in which chef Lozano will appear. From now on, it will be unlikely to run out of topics about chef Diego Lozano.

2019 will definitely be the year that chef Diego Lozano, along with Brazilian ingredients and sweets, will gain full attention in Japan!